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0.5.3/0.5.4 cannot slice any model

After installing latest beta, 0.5.3, slicing any model results in no GCode produced with message:
Couldn't render script! No GCode was produced. Details: [inja.exception.render_error] variable '/bed_temp' not found
Same error is since when slicing any model and in both the beta and alpha.

Ultimaker 2
0.5.3 & 0.5.4
2.85 PLA

Important Slicing Settings: Default slicing settings

Hi @Nebes
I just replied to your support ticket, but I’ll share the info here too so people can see it:

The error you’re having is because you’re using a scripting variable that doesn’t have a value. We made a change in the last beta so that if you uncheck the “Bed Temperature Control” box in the Temperatures tab, you won’t be able to use the bed_temp ​ scripting variable. We figured that it wouldn’t make sense for you to use your bed temperature setting if you’d unset it! We’re aware that the error message isn’t all that helpful, and are planning on working on this later when we have a little more bandwidth.

For now, you can add something like this to your starting script. These “if statements” prevent you from setting your bed temperature if you’re not going to use it anyway.

{% if automaticBedTemperatureControl %}
M140 S{{ bed_temp }} ; Set bed temperature
{% endif %}

; Home and do other things...

{% if automaticBedTemperatureControl %}
M190 S{{ bed_temp }} ; Ensure bed has reached temperature
{% endif %}

Sorry for any confusion! Let us know if you need any more help.

I don’t believe that I had that option deselected; I was using the slicer to control my bed temperature setting. I tried to check it, but now I’m getting “Sorry, we experienced an error attempting to load this model.” I re-downloaded the beta and tried again before sending a new support ticket.

I cleared all settings and still cannot import models, but I was able to slice the default logo model and confirm that the “Bed Temperature Control” is checked and set to the automatic 60˚C setting.

Ok @Gabe, I have a theory. The printer I use at work has an external heater controller, so I had the heated bed option disabled. I created a new printer profile a couple days ago for my home printer, and I think I duplicated the printer and changed the configuration. My guess is that selecting “Has Heated Bed” did not add the proper script. I don’t know for sure, and I wiped the settings to try to deal with the model import issue.

I reached that conclusion because just now I selected the Ultimaker 3 profile to set my printer back up, but deleted the second extruder since I have a Ultimaker 2+. Slicing lead to a: Couldn't render script! No GCode was produced. Details: [inja.exception.render_error] variable '/nozzle_temp_1' not found
I confirmed that the starting script still read:

{% if automaticNozzleTemperatureControl %}
M109 S{{ nozzle_temp_0 }} ; Preheat nozzle 0
M109 S{{ nozzle_temp_1 }} ; Preheat nozzle 1
{% endif %}

Removing the T1 argument finally led to valid GCode. Just to summarize my thoughts:
• Selecting headed bed in a duplicate profile did not update the script (I can’t confirm, but I am 99% certain that the profile had heated bed and temperature control selected, as both of those were things I tried during my troubleshooting).
• The if/then nozzle temperature statements do not account for the actual number of extruders configured in the profile.
Still can’t import models though.

Hi @Nebes,
Unchecking the “has heated bed” checkbox in the printer configuration panel will also unset the variable for bed temperature, bed_temp, so you’ll get the same inja error. So that would explain why you were having that problem before.

Similarly, if you deleted your second extruder slot you wouldn’t be able to use nozzle_temp_1, either, since your printer doesn’t have a second HotEnd. So far so good.

We don’t update any of your scripts automatically when you change your printer’s settings, which is why you’ll run into issues like this. We’re planning on having more validation of your scripts and more useful warnings/errors in the near future. Right now, though, it’s important to double-check that your scripts are right for your printer. Fortunately, scripts don’t really change very much, so you’ll only have to do this once.

Not being able to import models sounds like a separate issue. Could you give a video of you trying to import them? Right now we know that if you’re trying to import models with non-ascii file names you’ll have trouble (for example, models in French that have accents won’t load properly).

Disregard the models issue. I was not previously aware that Pathio did not support OBJ or PLY, which is how virtually all of my mesh geometries are formatted. It’s a separate issue than this thread, but I’m going to be a lot less likely to use Pathio if I have to convert every file, every time.