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3D-Mouse support

No slicer today to my Knowledge has support for a 3D-Mouse like 3DConnexion & co. A feature which I am Always missing…
As a lot of users are doing CAD before slicing they will also much likely have a 3D Navigation device, too.

So adding this feature to pathio will put you - for the Moment - ahead of every other slicer in Terms of 3D Navigation :slight_smile:

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I’ll never understand how you people use those things. but, that’s exactly what my coworkers say about my vertical mouse. I tried the 3d mouse, even forced myself to use it for over a week, to “get over the hump”, but i just hated it always.

I hope you tried to Change the Settings of it? For example i can absolutely not work with the Default of 3Dconnexion, which utilizes the pull and push move of the mouse for moving the object up and down (wtf? :wink: ) … changing push/pull to zooming and pushing the mouse X/Y for moving the object exactly like that solves all my 3dMouse Problems and it feels absolutely natural to use it.

Yep, I even tried tweaking settings in my cad programs, since they all natively support the thing. its just not for me, i dont get it at all.