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5.3 Infill not working correctly

Im using 5.3 and a custom delta printer.

I’m testing with just the standard XYZ calibration block,
If i select anything up to 15% i get no infill, either in preview or in an actual print.
This is with rectilinear or triangular. If i selct rectilinear sparse i get infill.
If i select anything at 17.5 or above i get infill.

Hi @Jarery
Would you mind sending feedback in Pathio so that we can check your slicing settings?

  1. Just set up your project to show the problems you mentioned above
  2. Click the unhappy face
  3. Select “I want a reply”
  4. Select “Include your models and settings.”
  5. Paste the URL of this discussion so we know it’s you

Thanks! We’ll take a look and see if we can figure out what’s going on.