5 axis and variables

Whish list:

  1. A 5 axis slicer.
  2. Any way to use variables in gcode, something like: in layer 30 do pause - to insert a nut. Push button and continue.
  3. Use program variables to check status, io. For example: check number layers to clean de nozzle; or, at end, move a motor do change a bed print.
  4. Internet server.
    maybe do you can help us? tks
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Hey Sohad!

  1. I would expect adding support for 5 axis slicing would require a massive overhaul with what we have at the moment, so I suspect it won’t be feasible. I’ll pop it down as a suggestion though

  2. I think you should be able to already do this! We have scripting, so have a read up on how we do it (https://docs.pathio.xyz/pathio/latest/features/scripting.html). You can put in wait, move etc as Gcode

  3. You most likely could have a go at doing this with scripting as well.

  4. For the server, we have one setup already but we are adding infrastructure to implement users being able to save their printers on the cloud. Stay tuned!

Do let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions!