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Ability To Select/Deselect Models To Print

My idea is this.
Let’s say you add 8 models to Group 1.

Now I only want to print 2 of those models at a time, so I can select the model or models to print.

Basically make a model in a group or a group itself active or inactive as far as generating gcode to print.

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Interesting idea. When we have more robust support for saving separate project files, we expect that people will set up different prints in different projects. If you’re adding models to a particular project then you want them to be printed. Still, toggling off a group would be an interesting feature…

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It was just a thought - idea!

To expand a little on my idea and I run into this daily!
I get a job that is let’s say 13 parts. All parts need to have the same settings such as layer height, infill etc.
I load all 13 parts to group1, set my options as needed to affect all 13 models as a group - nice feature!
Now the issue is, some of the parts are large and print one at a time but others are small and can be printed in a group.
So, I can select which models to print in a current run - save gcode - then go back and select other ones and make a second run etc. saving all the gcode files off pretty easily.
Currently I have to load (in S3D) the ones I want, send to print. Delete them then load another group. Kind of a nuisance!

Maybe one day it would be a cool feature. Load all 13 models, changes settings once for the group and then you’re ready to start slicing!