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Add Stl from network drive and mirror

I cant add a STL from network drive, the same STL copied in local drive and inserted in Pathio, Works.

And… i want make the simetry of an object. How i can do? I have not see these option, have try making a copy and scaling at -1…. But after i have very dificulties to put like i want.

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Hi peirof!

Interesting that you can’t add STLs from network drives, are you able to send a video of what’s not working? Also double check that you do have permissions to access that drive as well.

As for mirroring prints, we’ve been thinking about this, and we’ll try to let you know once this has been added in!

Thanks for the feedback!


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i have do some videos with the issue… videos are alocated in dropbox. In 1 week i erase it.

Video 01

Video 02

Only let me put 2 links, 3 link in next message

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3rd video

Video 03

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Hi Peirof,

That’s very interesting.

First thing I would be interested in seeing is if you are able to import that model into another slicer, such as cura or windows stl viewer.

If that is the case, the problem is most likely us. We’ll work out what’s causing the problem once we have clarification from you that you have read access to that model on that network drive.


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with other slicer (Cura 4 beta) i can import, when file its in networkdrive…

In fact, it is my usual way of working. The models in STL as the generated gcodes, I store them in a network hard disk … in order to “load” them to the printer

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Perhaps @Gabe has a fix?


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Hi @peirof,
Sorry again that you’re having trouble, but thanks for letting us know.

I just tested importing a model from a network drive on my computer and it was ok. My current guess is that Pathio might not have liked the file path to your model. It might be that the folder called .3D was giving us trouble. Would you mind trying to import a model from the network drive, but not from that folder (or a folder that starts with .)?

Thanks a lot for bringing this up!

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@Gabe… these is the reason!!! you were right, i have erase “·” of folder name, and now imports…

i put this simbol “·”, for when you order by name the contents of the folder, appear at the beginning … it is my workflow…


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Glad we got to the bottom of this. I’ll put that as a bug in our backlog, as I’m sure you’re not the only one who does this and will be facing errors.

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