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Add support for Firmware Retraction

Suggestion Summary

Add support for G10/G11 firmware retractions alongside generating G0/G1 based Gcode retractions:

Why is this useful?

For certain printers, and common firmwares, using firmware retraction allows the user to set and forget on the machine a particular filament/material/toolhead retraction settings.
The advantage to doing this on machine is because gcode is slightly divorced from the machine’s mechanical setup. i.e. gcode files using G10/G11 are independent of the hardware configuration, preventing a need for re-export if the metrics of the filament path changes (due to maintenance or upgrades causing common things like a difference in bowden tube length, or extruder or hotend)

  • Do other slicers do this?:

Screenshots/Supporting Info


Oh man, I never checked to see if that was supported, good call! Seems like it would be an easy implementation, hopefully they pick this one up.

This should already be possible with the retraction and unretraction scripting blocks. We have thought about adding it in as a check-box to make it easier, though.


ah, awesome!
Had searched in the suggestions forum to see if anyone had suggested it (which is why I posted it), but didn’t across the entire boards.

Maybe to keep the UI neat, you could have a retraction dropdown list:
manual [show the various settings below]