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Adjust Default Speeds

  • Printer Name: MK2
  • Pathio Version: Latest Beta
  • Filament Type: PLA

Important Slicing Settings:

In the printer Config edit window under Motion. How do I adjust the default speeds? They are greyed out.

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Those speeds don’t do anything yet, so we thought it would be simpler to gray them out rather than have them be editable and not do anything! We’re still thinking about how to handle high, medium, and low quality presets (or if we want to handle them at all). Any thoughts about that would be appreciated.

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Personally I really don’t use high, medium or low “presets”. I’ll have a profile for PLA and the printer and I just adjust what I need.
If I want to go from a 0.2 layer height to a 0.12 layer height I just make the change and know I need to adjust the first layer height and I may want to slow down and adjust a few other things.
For me it is fine like that - simpler.

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