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Adjusting layer starts for outer lines

hi all, been using cura for a while with half decent results out the box, now i decided to give pathio a try i am experiencing a small issue with blobbing on the outside layer where the line starts and finishes, like its sat there too long?

also i find that top layers look rather empty like its not quite filling it out?

ill attach a photo to show what i mean, as i say i come from cura that gave results straight away, so i have no idea what settings to play with to adjust this, tried retraction settings, even at the same i was using on cura, still not quite fixed it so maybe someone could help :slight_smile:

shows the infill looking empty issue, excuse the quality, still dialling in for smaller objects haha


of course here you can see i am getting great quality on one side :slight_smile:

That benchy looks good!

Yeah, we do have some problems with those blobs, it’s how the perimeter gets stitched together. Bare with us, we’ll be working on it.

Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate it and do let us know if you have any other feedback!


thank you :slight_smile: i am pretty happy with it haha, just a shame about the sides but yeah xD oh and you know what causes the under extrusion when using the concentric fill mode? like this?


Typically if you’re under-extruding your perimeters anywhere on your print (including in concentric solid fill) you need to increase your extrusion multiplier (found in the quality section).