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Allowing comma as a decimal separator for numerical inpuits

Suggestion Summary

With a swedish keyboard layout the decimal separator on the numeric keyboard is a comma, as we use for decimal separation in Sweden. It would make input of things like layer height, track width, extrusion factor and scaling so much easier if both point and comma were allowed as decimal separation.
The method i usually use in my applications is to replace commas with points when a numerical input looses focus. Usually does the trick.

Why is this useful?

Would make it more natural to enter numbers for all users with a keyboard layout using decimal comma instead of decimal point.

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Welcome and thanks for the feedback. We’re looking into several different improvements for folks outside of the UK, including making entering numbers easier. Sadly, we’re a bit tied up with some new features, so it’ll be a little while before this sort of quality of life improvement makes it in for now. Thanks again for your feedback!

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