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Alternative perimeter approach

I always wondered if it would make sense to do an alternative way of making perimeters, which will not stop and start at the outside perimeter. Let me explain what I have in mind in a picture:


In this mode, the shell of an object would be (at least) 2 perimeters, and it would only stop and start on the INNER perimeter. So it will start on the inner perimeter, then somewhere along the line swoop to the outer and print the outer perimeter but instead of stopping at the end, it will swoop back to the inner perimeter, and finish that. Then the start and stop point do not have to be at the outer perimeter, which could give a smoother result for the outside of the object, specifically for bowden setups.

I haven’t seen it in other slicers myself, but I might have missed that option, or it might have been tried but not working. I would be interested to see this as an alternative to increase the quality of the outer perimeter and get rid of those blobs at the end/start of a perimeter.


Great idea.
All of my blob/seam issues are caused by extra material at the end of layer. Coast/wipe only go so far, and the best way to solve a problem is to not have the problem to begin with… If the actual seam is on the inside there is no unsightly seam issue to solve.

Does Spiral perimeters combined with inside out perimeters do this? Seems like a natural fix. Other than items done in vase mode I always print with 2 walls (0.6 nozzle) and this woul dbe an elegant solution for minimizing blobs at the seam.

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We’re actually looking into this sort of Z-seam hiding right now (did some research last week and will probably pick it up again next week). We agree that there’s some good potential for improving Z-seams, and we hope there’d be less tuning required to get good results with this kind of approach.

One tricky part of this system is adjusting the parameters of the area where the wall touches. There’s still some work to be done to name those settings properly so that they’re not too confusing (especially since we don’t have tooltips yet)