Arm 32bits and 64 bits versions to orangepi and raspberry pi

Suggestion Summary

I suggest a complied version to use in ubuntu arm versiosn. With debian, ubuntu, pack instalation. Or put pathio in some repository.

Why is this useful?

Its will amazing if i can see in real time the printer in my orange pi the job working.

For example i uses slic3er in my orange pi/ rasp pi, with octoprint in my printer. My print work well and alone.
Its very useful to work alone, with octoprint and other.

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    Yes, Slic3r, version 1.2.9. We can install , this is in repository.

Screenshots/Supporting InfoIMG_20190227_093942


Hi there,
We’re looking into this, but my preliminary understanding is that we require quite a lot of resources to slice, and it may not be practical to run Pathio on a pi.

Slicer do it, like i print it. But ok. sorry.