Axis definitions

Define other axis, so assign say A,B,C or D to specific extruders rather than E

Some printers use non E formats

  • Usually the slicers that do this are OEM versions or closed source.

Hi @24c,
Can I ask what kind of machines need these alternately named axes? We’re still building our list of firmware that we’d like to be fully compliant with, so it’d be useful to know more about your specific use case.

Hi @Gabe I believe it’s mainly closed source slicers tied to OEM manufacturers that do this. The Robox Dual Material RBX02 and the Robox PRO use D for Material 2 (T0 tool). I can post process, so when I see T0 toolchange, change the extrusion prefix from E to D, but when researching this for a Cura3.4 port a years or so ago, I stumbled on some printers that used other characters besides E too, but I’ve tried searching again today, and I haven’t found that one, and all I remember was it was Chinese. :slight_smile:

Interesting, thanks. We’re hoping later on to be able to support a wider range of printers with their own niche firmware and gcode requirements. We’re not currently planning on doing this work in the near future (so probably not within the next few months). Hopefully we can expose enough tools to make printing on those types machines possible.

OK @Gabe it’s not a huge issue especially when we have a post processing option for the output file within Pathio, but for example I can do this in Simplify3D by just using this in their post processing script box


So as an example of post processed gcode using this function, this is what happens

G1 X133.737 Y53.291 E0.3087
G1 X133.058 Y53.291 E0.0632
G1 X131.392 Y54.956 E0.2193
G1 X131.392 Y54.277 E0.0632
G1 X132.036 Y53.634 E0.0847
G1 X132.379 Y53.291 F1170
G1 X131.700 Y53.291 F1170
G1 X131.392 Y53.599 F1170
G1 E0.0000 F600
; process Process1
; layer 4, Z = 0.500
M104 S205 T205 ; heat extruder T0 to 205ºC
G0 B0 ; close valve
M109 ; Set T0 to active extruder temp & wait
G1 B1 ; open valve
; tool H0.200 W0.480
; inner perimeter
G1 X101.780 Y53.220 F12000
G1 D0.0000 F600
G1 X101.780 Y71.780 D1.6035 F1575
G1 X83.220 Y71.780 D1.6035
G1 X83.220 Y53.220 D1.6035
G1 X101.780 Y53.220 D1.6035

Thanks again. Yes, my guess was that this kind of post-processing would handle this nicely. We are planning on adding this type of post-processing in the nearer future. Glad to hear that that should solve your use case!

@Gabe Just a heads up , I remember KISSlicer did this too, it had a drop down in the Extruder hardware settings to change axis for extruders too, but it only was only editable in intermediate or expert mode. :slight_smile:

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