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Bad gcode? - shows fine in Pathio but other programs show it as a disaster

Borlaug Delta (custom design)_
Pathio 0.5.1 beta4

The display of the gcode in pathio is fine, but both Simplify3D and Repetier host show it as a garbled mess. How do I send this to you along with the model? I just downloaded and installed the latest version.

I am kind of afraid to try printing it.

Hi wfcook
We would like to look into this further for you in more detail.
If you could send feedback along with your model via the feedback tab within Pathio.
Please include the link to this post in the text box, so we know can identify that it’s you.
Once we have some correspondence you will also be able to send us the gcode if you wish.

Thank you in advance.

OK I think I have done this correctly. It is an effector for a delta printer. I liked the “I would like a reply” button. Let me know if you don’t get it. I am keeping pathio open to the gcode screen.

Bill Cook /)

And I forgot to post the link to my post, dang it.

OK I re-submitted it with the link to this post