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Beta v0.5.1-beta 3

Unable to click here to add model. I can click the box but it wont allow me to choos file to import. I have to drag and drop from finder in my MAC.

Hi @wthile,
Could you record a video of this happening? We’ll look into it today regardless and see if we can replicate. Sorry for any trouble! We did have some bugs with importing models but thought that we’d squashed them all. Evidently one slipped through…

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Never mind, scratch that. We’ve just tested in-house and replicated the problem. Hopefully we’ll have a fix out later today or tomorrow. Thanks very much for letting us know about the problem!


no problem thanks I will let you know if I find anything else.

I’m running into the same issue here on High Sierra with v0.5.1-beta3

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This is fixed in V0.5.1-beta 4. Thanks for letting us know! V0.5.1 Beta 4 Released

@Gabe thank you confirmed it works now :slight_smile: Will slice up something this weekend and test :slight_smile: