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Bridge 1st layer generation and outter shell

  • Prusa Mk3
  • Beta 6
  • PLA

Cleared ALL when I installed Beta 6.

2 shell thickness is only change in settings

  1. When bridge generated it only put 1 outter shell
  2. First layer of bridge was a 45 degree, should be straight across longest span to form foundation.

Pictures are tagged if it was Beta 6 or Slicer SW

20190222_183019 20190222_183022 20190222_183026 20190222_183032 20190222_184411 20190222_184417 20190222_184423

I have gcode for both but system will not let me upload it or a ZIP of it.

We need to get file uploads working properly. @Gabe is on it.

Can you double check how many shells you have? It seems like you need to up it. Go to shell -> shell thickness to change it. Make sure to change it to tracks.

Let me know how you get on!


I have it set to 2 tracks for shells. It’s odd that when set to 4 tracks it prints 2 outside shells.

Configuration files - Beta (4.8 KB)

gcode file Beta 6 - bridge (22.9 KB)

gcode file Slicer - bridge (39.5 KB)