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Bridging is not recognized on an unsupported region

  • Printer Name:
    E3D Volcano 0.8 mm Nozzle, Titan Extruder Bowden CR10
  • Pathio Version: v.0.5.2-beta
  • Filament Type: PLA

Important Slicing Settings:

Layer Height: 0.48 mm
Layer Thickness: 0.96 mm

I tried to slice a bottle model which has a bottom part that has an overhang. Since I don’t want to use supports for that section I wanted to do bridging. But Pathio does not recognize this section as bridge, so it printed normal speed with normal fan speed.
Last layer before bridge
First bridge layer

So how can I define in settings to make this part as a bridge?

I am new to pathio and its my first time using it. I checked settings but couldnt find an option for it. I would be happy if someone can help.

Hey daboi,

Currently, I don’t believe that we have options to define bridges.

If you do need a fix for this, you could set it up in scripting to increase cooling and lower speed for the specfic layers, you can check out the docs here:

Hope this helps and do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!


As Daniel mentioned, Pathio doesn’t currently do anything special for bridging. If you could give us an example of what you’d expect or want to have happen on a bridge, that’d help us with our implementation!

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@danwillm @Gabe thanks for your answers. My expectation is, if a region has no support under it, I expect slicer to reduce printing speed and increase fan speed to predefined values. My printer has very powerful fans so if a section has both sides connected like in this example, I don’t use supports. %20 printing speed and %100 fan speed allows smooth bridges. I think this will be a great feature for Pathio.
Even you are in beta phase slicer works great, I can’t wait to see your final release features. Thanks for your all efforts.