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Bridging not working

V5.1 Beta 2

bridging isn’t working

Could you give some more details about what you’re expecting to see, versus what you’re actually seeing? Considering we don’t have any slicing settings about bridging at the moment, I assume you mean that a bridge on a print you’ve done hasn’t turned out the way you wanted, right? If that’s the case, I’d love to see some photos of what happened and what should have been done differently by Pathio to fix the problem. Thanks!

Yer, a bit of my post went missing :slight_smile:
On the last version the layer after supports was a bridging layer, Can’t remember the colour, went from one side to the other over the ‘gap’ Now that layer or bridge isn’t there>

I can’t take pics of the older version

So I’ll make one to show you

01 02 03

See where now the supports stop and it goes to a layer

Where before there was a bridge over it like these blue lines



Here’s a better image showing the bridging (or lack thereof) under the roof of a benchy… It don’t take much imagination to see it’s not gonna work.

Thanks for the photos. Am I right in saying in the last photo you have concentric fill turned on? You’re right that we don’t handle bridging in any intelligent way. This is a larger algorithmic issue we’re looking to tackle after a few more feature release come along (they’ll build up to it).

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I don’t have concentric on

Yeah. The normal infill fails to bridge sometimes too, at the same places, it’s just less noticeable because it stitches the sides of the infill to the perimeter. So it looks like it’s bridging, and kinda works.
The concentric infill is a total fail, and it’s obvious. Why I used that image.
Thanks for the reply.