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Bridging settings

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i think there should be a tab or something that will allow to adjust settngs just for when there is bridging involved. eg speeds to adjust speeds only when bridging, infill settings etc too, as traditional infil isnt the best for bridging it is too slow, the best would be straight bridges point to point.

Why is this useful?

it would be useful as then can adjust the settings to acheive a decent pridge aswel as the rest of the print.

currently, to get a nice strong print i need to print at slightly higher temp than is optimal for bridging and so the bridges tend to droop in the middle, but if i were to set overall temps to be cooler then bridge would be better but the print may not be as strong with layer adhesion overall

  • Do other slicers do this?:
    not that i am aware.
    i know cura has a built in setting for bridges where it will automatically speed up the nozzle when printing bridges, but i have not seen any particular settings for it.

Screenshots/Supporting Info

below you can see that the bridge has drooped slightly towards the middle, yet if the nozzle had sped up across the bridge then the flament would cool quicker and thus harden quicker leaving less warping.


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When I am doing a bridge in S3D I will reduce the extrusion multiplier a little which will help to “stretch” the filament a little more reducing sagging. Also I slow down the speed as much as 50%. The fan can stay on the filament longer as it goes across.

Didn’t think about adjusting the extrusion settings but that does show adjusting speeds can help bridging so thinking it would be a helpful setting to have that can be adjusted :slight_smile:

Yea, bridging can be tricky and it depends on the material also. Some behave better then others.

Cura has a very detailed amount of settings for bridging in the experimental section. They even have overhang perimeter detection which is really nice. The normal settings for bridging are practically non-existant. Slic3r allows for extrusion multiplier, speed, and fan speed, and has some overhang detection as well, but it’s pretty conservative.

Bridging is one of those things in FDM printing that needs a lot of options to tweak and tune. Would definitely like to see something here.

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We have some ideas on how to improve overhangs and bridges that have yielded some really impressive results in-house on our initial tests. Those tests were on the concepts we were thinking of implementing in Pathio, so there’s still quite a bit of development work to do with regard to identifying areas that qualify as bridges or overhangs, and then adjusting how they print. In fact, I was running a test yesterday with Sawtooth supports that highlighted the need for this kind of tweaking.

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