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Can't run Pathio on Debian or Windows VM. Drop us a line is broken

Sheesh… getting to try Pathio is tricksy :frowning:

I can’t run on Debian because of the, known, GLIBC 2.27 issue.

I tried running on a Windows VM but the licensing system won’t allow that. I did find in the forum that I could email asking to be allowed to use a VM. I did that two days ago… no reply.

I then tried using the “Drop us a line” on the Pathio home page and having typed in my message when I click “Submit” I just get the message “Error: Please try again by clicking the back button on your browser”.

So it won’t run on either of my platforms. Email isn’t answered and the home page is broken.

You are not making this easy.

Any suggestions?

Hi @ruffle
Really sorry you’re having trouble! I’ve enabled VM activation on your account, so you should be good to go.

I’ll look into the “Drop us a line” link. As for your email to, could you PM me the body of that email, or the email address you sent it from? I’m not seeing it in our email account (which means it didn’t get turned into a ticket for us to reply to!).

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Just an update, we just fixed the “Drop Us A Line” page. Sorry about the trouble with that!

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My VM has now fired up Pathio and I’ve provided James.C with the lost email details.