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Cloud Based Profiles

Would be nice if we can add cloud based settings and profiles. So I can use pathio on more than one computer without importing and exporting the profiles. May we can add a Gdrive or dropbox plugin

This will make pathio unique and more flexible.


Hi smoki3
We’re looking to incorporate some cloud-based features in a future release.
This feature will enable you to keep your hardware profiles organized across different computers.

At a later date we’ll also be adding an option for you to publish your printer , filament profiles and directly share them.

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Even being able to set the Pathio config directory would be good while we wait for the cloud features to arrive, I could just set it to save to OneDrive somewhere and have an easy way to keep configs in sync.

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is this already possible? Where can i set the location for my config?

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The File Menu lets you save backups of your full configuration. You can also create multiple projects, which are your slicing settings (but your hardware profiles are still stored in the storage folder).

To find where your hardware configs are stored, use the debug menu:

Note: If you use the “New Project” tool, your slicing settings will no longer be saved in the storage folder that opens from the debug menu.

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In case anyone finds it useful this is the PowerShell script to move the Pathio storage directory & contents onto OneDrive and set up a junction pointing to it. You can change the target to be any other cloud storage providers local store.

It seems to be working fine for me, but of course there are no guarantees if you start using multiple copies of Pathio at one time.

$PathioStorage = "$env:APPDATA\Pathio\storage"
$OneDriveStorage = "$env:OneDrive\Pathio\storage"

# Create the target directory in OneDrive
New-Item -ItemType Directory $OneDriveStorage -Force

# Move the contents of the Pathio storage directory to the new directory
Move-Item "$PathioStorage\*" $OneDriveStorage

# Replace the Pathio storage directory with a junction pointing to our target
New-Item -ItemType Junction -Path $PathioStorage -Value $OneDriveStorage

Thanks! Hope that’s useful for folks

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Where we have to insert this?

It’s a PowerShell script, you can run those commands a PowerShell prompt in Windows (same sort of thing should work in PowerShell on Linux too, but I haven’t tried it).