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Color Legend For Sliced View?

Is there any kind of color legend for the different extrusion colors in the view after slicing?

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I like how other slicers let you decide the color for the feature type. I’d get behind that as an update.

I just like to know what color means what. Sometimes it can help decipher what is going on with a complex model.
I mean we can figure out what is an external perimeter vs. an internal one but know what the colors mean makes it a bit easier.

I can get behind this as well.

I’ll put it in as a feature request!

Thanks for the feedback and do let us know if you have any more suggestions!


Will do! So far pretty good results for more basic models. I understand we are still in Beta so managed expectations!

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At the moment we’re about to start work on adding some functionality to the preview pane. We’re going to have a legend for the colours, don’t worry!

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Sounds great. I know it is a low priority item but just putting out ideas as they come to me!