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Complex model settings help

I have a complex model that has been downsized significantly. My son is using this model for a tabletop game. I have sliced it with Cura and printed it successfully in the past using a .2mm nozzle with a .1mm layer height but I don’t have that nozzle anymore and my son wants to print this in two additional colors. What I have now is a .35mm nozzle. I can use a layer height of .1mm but I’d be willing to go up to .18mm to shorten the printing time.

The problem is with the round towers around the outside of the main castle. There are “windows” near the top of each tower and the slicer decides these windows are too thin to print so it outputs nothing until it gets to the top of the window and now the roof is printable so it does. Needless to say, the roof fails to print because it has air underneath it.

I think there are some interesting settings in the developer area that might help but I need some guidance. I found a slicer, IceSL, that has a setting “Thicken thin features” whose value is a thickening ratio for thin features with a default of 1.25. I found 1.5 seems to allow the windows to print.

Can the settings in the developer area help me accomplish something similar? If not, is this a feature you might consider adding to Pathio?

At the moment, I’ve got my printer (LulzBot TAZ 6) configured in Pathio. I don’t have it configured in IceSL.

We’re currently working on a feature to handle this sort of thin area. I’ll PM you with some instructions to try out an alpha build of it.

If I slice this model with a track width of .2 and a layer height of .1, all of the features of the model will appear. If I slice with track width of .35 and a layer height of .15, the “windows” at the top of the small towers “disappear” and the roofs are printed “on air”.

It seems you have found the issue. Some of the walls are too thin for the proposed nozzle size and extrusion width.

Try running the model through a fixer such as to see if you can get it to “fatten” up the thin areas.

A google search will also bring up possible ways to handle this.

I’ve tried fixing the file but the fixes applied don’t solve the problem. I know the walls are too thin in the trouble area of the model. What I’m looking for is a slicer setting that “thickens” those walls instead of eliminating them.

I’m not in this for money but makeprintable is. I’m not spending money (or giving them any financial information) to gamble on their service.

IceSL has exactly the slicer setting I’m looking for so it looks like I abandon Pathio for this project and expend the effort to configure my printer in IceSL.