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Continous Fiber Reinforcement

Essentially, this would be a feature similar to what Markforged’s Eiger software does currently: creates tool paths specific for a tool head laying down continuous fiber reinforcement, making the printed part a true composite part, with the plastic being the polymer matrix. This would involve creating tool paths that follow the outer perimeters (concentric paths) and a +45/-45 pattern (or something similar) to mimic the way traditional composites are made.

This would be extremely useful, as it would support the open source development of tool heads capable of using fiber reinforcement, either from use on a dual extrusion set up or one a machine like the e3D ToolChanger. The main benefit is that the fiber reinforcement will allow for the creation of end-use parts with strength similar to aluminum.

eiger%20fiber%20infill%202 Eiger%20fiber%20infill

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