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CylinderNode.cpp error Benchy

  • Pathio Version:
    0.5.1 beta 2


if I try to slice a multi color benchy I get the following error:


This is our top bug at the moment. Our next release will be changing the error logging to more correctly identify the problem (right now the error messages aren’t giving us enough info). After that we’ll be focusing hard on fixing the issue. I don’t have a firm timeline, but we suspect we’ll have a fix in the next few days if all goes well.

In the meantime, please keep an eye on the release notes so you can see when we release the fix. If you’d like, we’d also appreciate if you sent along your model + configuration settings using the feedback tab (click the sad face to send us your info). Thanks!

Sure I already sent it to you. Also with the newer version. But it is still not working with the latest build

I did more investigations on this today.

It looks like that pathio is very sensitive for stl errors.
I had to repair the stl with netfabb to get it working. The microsoft tools doesnt help here.

Thanks, good to know. Yes, right now we’re working on handling stl errors. It’s usually a good idea to run stuff through Netfabb if possible.