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Debug "Clear" options should require confirmation

Suggestion Summary

I think if you click one of the “clear” options in the debug dropdown there should be a confirmation warning users this cannot be undone. This would be similar to the popup for deleting models but possible with more of an explanation as to what all will be lost. Also if they are cleared it might be an idea to automatically keep a backup for a given time so they can be restored. The backup is less important than a warning and confirmation.

Why is this useful?

I can see it being useful especially if you accidentally click the wrong one as a lot of work could be lost.

Screenshots/Supporting Info



Totally agree.

As a general UI tip, any destructive action [in this case, things that affect data stored between sessions, like printer profiles etc] should give an “are you sure” prompt. Best practice is also to have clear courses of action -> “Yes, delete it” and “No, keep it”
[e.g. sometimes cancel can be ambiguous - are you cancelling the deletion, or are you cancelling the warning?]