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Different infill patterns

Suggestion Summary

There are a lot of different infill patterns available in other slicers. I am rather partial to Gyroid myself.

Why is this useful?

Other slicers have infill patterns, in abundance. I would say that most of them are used for aesthetic purpose. However, some have outstanding mechanical properties and as such their implementation can be considered a task with moderate priority. You can get away with rectilinear, triangular, cubic and gyroid. I wouldn’t bother with honeycomb or 3d honeycomb (mechanically they are rather awfull, but I cannot deny the visual appeal)

Screenshots/Supporting Info a nice video with infill patterns test


Hi Soul.

We agree that being able to select different Infill patterns would be a great.
This is certainly a feature that we are looking to introduce within a future release.

We have in fact began the design process of how we would like this to look.
However at this time we cannot confirm when this will be implemented.