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Dont slice after 10 minutes

  • Printer Name:
    Duet modified Tevo Little Monster
  • Pathio Version:
    0.50Beta6… i have try with Beta 04, 05
  • Filament Type:

Important Slicing Settings:

100% infill

The model not slice… after 10 minutes, i abort slicing process…
The phase where Patio hangs, is “GENERATING SUPPORTS, SKIRTS OR BRIMS”
With other models more simple, works

Link to problematic file

Hi Peirof,

I was able to get the model to slice, but you are right, it did take quite a while being stuck on generating supports and brims. Could I ask for your computer specs?


Hopefully waiting slightly longer could diagnose the issue. If that’s not the case, send over your printer config files as well and I can have a closer investigation.




I do not think it’s because of the PC’s specifications, it’s quite updated.

Motherboard: Asrock X79 Extreme-4
Processor: Core i7 3820
Memory: 24 GB
Graohic Card: nVidia Geforce 970 GTX

How i can send you Config files?

Hi Peirof,

Clicking debug at the top then clicking open config directory will give you your config flies. If you zip them up and send them on discourse all should be good!


Two news…

One good and one bad…

The good, pathio now turn to slice… The bad… I accomplished reinstalling Pc… All is lost, sorry.