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Doubt about shell tracks :/

Hi all guys!
Trying the new Beta 3, I was wondering why Pathio create 4 lines for the shell even I set it to 2 tracks. Here are some screenshoots about the slice preview and settings :slightly_smiling_face:


Is this a bug or I’m wrong with something :sweat_smile:?

Thank you all :hugs:

I did a double-take myself! The reason why you see 4 tracks is because you’re getting 2 from each side of your print. I’m fairly certain this is the same as other slicers, no?


Interesting. I’ll have to look at this also. My assumption would be the number of perimeters would be a sum total. So, if I select 2 perimeters in S3D I can see just 2 outlines around the edges of my part which I guess could be seen as 1 outer and 1 inner perimeter.

I think you’re missing that this is a vase, so there’s no infill, and the perimeters are basically doubled up. This is how simplify3d handles a similar case. You can see they also seem to have 4 perimeters, but that’s because there are 2 on either side of the infill. There’s no infill in the part in the original post because it’s a vase (or something with thin walls), so you see 2x the perimeters you might expect. image

Damn, you’re right! My bad, sorry :sweat_smile:

So, actually, I can’t select 2 total tracks since is not possible to set an odd number.

I think Pathio is doubling up on perimeters.
If you look at the S3D picture you can see that there is one “Outer” perimeter - dark blue and one “Inner” perimeter - light blue.
If I set this to 4 perimeters in S3D I’ll see one dark blue and three light blue going around the infill.

I’ll try to test some things out later and see how it goes.

Ok, I did a quick test. Set Pathio to 2 tracks and S3D to 2 perimeters and I get the same thing so I think it is ok.
One thing I have noticed is that the Rectilinear infill prints both directions/angels on each layer. This really would be a “grid” infill since a rectilinear alternates the angle every layer.

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