Pathio Users

Download Links Not Working


Just trying to download pathio to give it a whirl. All the download links here don’t seem to be working.

They just redirect here with a site can’t be reached error.

Interestingly that link starts a Pathio download for me without issue.

Which browser are you using?

Chrome Version 74.0.3729.131

I initially thought it was Ghostery but pausing it made no difference. I see the same behaviour in the Latest Firefox and Edge both of which don’t have Ghostery.

OK trying that aws link directly with http:// which is where the links on the download page take me does not work.

If I replace http with https it starts a download.

Good investigation. Have you any other firewall-like software running that could prevent downloads over http rather than https? Either way, I’ll raise this with the rest of the team and see what they think.

No problem yes it may be getting blocked by our firewall as it downloads on my phone when on the cellular network.

Might be worth defaulting the redirect to use https though to avoid others having similar issues.

I was trying to think of a file I could test on our AWS but we force https on everything now :slight_smile:

Anyway I have the installer now, looking forward to giving it a try and following the progress.