Pathio Users

Download site down?

It appears the download site is down. Receiving a 504 Gateway time-out error. 30%20PM

I’ve been getting this error for over a week now trying to download the newest version. I just shot them a message from the website. I can’t even use the older version I have installed.

I have been able to use 0.6.3 beta 4 but I get update server errors on startup

Searching the site; I thought I was the only one! I can use 5.0; but even the in-app update gets an error.

I’m getting the same error. I’ll try sending something to their support also.

It’s been down for me for a while. I figured they just abandoned it.

I just got an email from Gabriel Seltzer, they are aware of the issue and have no ETA. Not the best response, but they are aware of it.

It appears to be fixed now. I was able to download 0.6.3

Hi folks, sorry for the trouble! We had some server problems but you should be able to download Pathio again without a problem. Apologies!


Today i cant downlaod - everyday error for many days.

Hi! I can’t download it. Thanks!

Still having issues to download