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Dual Extruder Slicing Crashes

LulzBot TAZ 6 w/ Dual Extruder V3

Important Slicing Settings:

Add two models (order sensitive)
Align model origins
Assign one model to one extruder
Assign second model to other extruder

There are multiple problems the worst of which is Pathio crashes. The .stl and .gcode files are in the .zip file linked below. Note: This file is 10MB in size which exceeds the upload limit of 4MB.

For reference, the 3DBenchy.stl is sliced for my TAZ 6 producing 3dBenchy-TAZ 6.gcode.

If the 3DBenchy_-Dualprint-Gunwale…stl is loaded first and the …-_Hull…stl is loaded second, Align model origins, Gunwale material is assigned T0, Hull material is assigned T1, the slicing completes producing 3dBenchy-TAZ 6 Dual.gcode.

Reverse the order of the .stl files, assign Hull to T0, Gunwale to T1, the slicing crashes Pathio.

I also had a slicing crash when I loaded one model, arranged it (to center on the build plate) and then added the second model, align model origins, assign materials, slice.

Note: Once the two model origins are aligned, it is impossible to move the combined model on the build plate.

The .gcode produced for the complete 3DBenchy.stl is 191 layers. The .gcode (sometimes) produced for the dual color print is 321 layers some of which are at negative Z values. The layers for T0 and T1 are at different Z values.

I am using Craftware to analyze and view the .gcode files. Sending the dual color .gcode to my printer would be a disaster. (8.9 KB)

Here is the log file for the case where one model was loaded, arranged to center, second model loaded, align models, assign extruders, slice, crash.

Problem still exists in 0.5.1-beta0

Problem still exists in 0.5.1-beta2. Feedback was sent.