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Dynamic Link Library Crash at startup

pathioCrash Hello,

I am getting the following error right at Startup of Pathio:
Uncaught Error: A Dynamic Link Library (DLL) initialization Routine failed.
Followed by a local path beginning with: \?\C:\Users…
This whole error is shown on a plain White window.

I am running Windows 10 pro 1803 64bit on a Lenovo T450 (8GB RAM, i5-5300U)

Oops, that’s not great.

Looking at the start of your path to pathio, it doesn’t seem right. Could you try uninstalling and reinstalling pathio and see if there are any changes?


Hey Daniel,
thumps up for the fast Reply. Unfortunately i tried this already and the result is the same.
May it be because of the german umlaut “ä” in my last Name?

That could well be the reason. When installing, you should see the option install for all users and that should install it somewhere where it doesn’t include your windows account name.

Looking forward to seeing if this is the problem.


Tried this either without success before opening this thread.
Last time i tried installing it directly in C:\Pathio with the same result.
Interestingly the error message still mentions the same weird path

How bizarre,

When you go through the options to install pathio, after choosing who to install it for there is a option to choose the path location to install to. Does it read something along the lines of C:\Users... or C:\Pathio.. ? or does it put that \?\ at the start? If it does, try removing it and see how it turns out…


The install Routine Looks just fine.

After choosing “install for all users” it suggests the path C:\Program Files\Pathio
I tried this directly and C:\Pathio also. Results are Always the same until now.
Right now I am cleaning every registry entry mentioning pathio in case something from the first try is still there.

After cleaning the Windows registry from everything mentioning the “App Data” Stuff the error still persists after reinstalling under C:\Pathio and even keeps on showing this weird path :man_shrugging:

That sucks,

I’ll put an issue down to investigate this.

Any chance that you are able to install it to a path that doesn’t have any foreign characters in the name? Could well be that we can’t handle those characters.


Hm unfortunately I dont think I can, because the character is in my last Name and on all my machines my Microsoft account is the same…

As of now the install path is surely not the Problem because installing in C:\Pathoi didnt solve the Problem.
So if a foreign character is the Problem then only my Windows user Name can cause this issue as I don’t use funky characters elsewhere on my machines.

However I won’t Change my last Name for pathio :wink:

No problem.

We’ll try and see what we can do about this, I’m assuming that the problem is the foreign characters.

For the meantime, if you are keen to try out, try spinning up a virtual machine, setting the user as something in english, and see if that has an effect on this issue. That is a pretty be hassle though.

Hi Gillimaniac,
We had one other example of this today, and they also had a foreign character in their user path. My guess at the moment is that it’s not the install directory that’s the problem, it’s the default path to your app data folder, which we can’t change. Tomorrow I’ll bring this up to the team. I don’t know if we’ll find a short-term solution, but it sounds like this is something we need to account for for sure!

Thanks for bringing this up, hopefully we can figure it out together.

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Sounds good to me. i guess this is what a support Forum is for :wink:
Looking Forward

Any Progress on this Topic?

Sadly no short-term solution at the moment. We’re working on a fix, but it’s taking a little time. You’ll see it mentioned in the release notes when we have found a work-around. Sorry for the trouble!

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For the Moment - as it seems to take a lot of time until you fix it - i created a local win10-user having no Fancy characters in ist Name and … voila … it works.
At least i can test pathio now. BUT you have to address this in the future, because if pathio goes out of beta you’ll potentially have A LOT of users with foreign characters in their user names…

We’ve been working on it for the last few days. We hope to have a fix sometime next week (ideally early next week :crossed_fingers:).