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Edit Hotend Profiles

  • Printer Name: Generic/Custom Printer
  • Pathio Version: v0.5.0 Beta6
  • Filament Type: Generic

Important Slicing Settings:

Adding new hotend profiles. I cannot edit the Extruder Speeds.

Secondly I cannot click to access new or old profiles. For instance say I have Generic 1, Generic 2, Generic 3.

If I have Generic 2 showing. I can edit everything, except Extruder Speeds, but cannot switch by clicking to Generic 1 or 3.

I can switch to Generic 1 if:
-Click on Generic 1 profile button
-Click back button
-Click on edit from the My Printer page

Then it opens with the Generic 1 profile showing.

Sorry about this geartechbrandon,

At the moment, we don’t offer the ability to edit the extruder speeds. Keep an eye out on the patch notes to have a look when this comes!

Do let us know if you have any other feedback or suggestions!


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We should have fixed the problem where you can’t select hotend profiles. Sorry for that, it was annoying! As for extrusion speeds, they don’t do anything yet, so we’ve simply grayed them out for the time being.

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