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Ender 3 poor g code

has anyone got this to work with an ender 3? im getting completely unusable g code, slices fine in pathio but if i preview it through S3D its missing lines and walls, and barely extrudes at all IRLender%20pathio%201 ender%20pathio%202

maybe related to that coasting issue i just read about, if i turn coasting off it seems post properly


Hi Dr.Phil!

That’s interesting… We have a couple of fixes regarding the coasting issue that we pushing out soon, stay tuned for that!

Does the second version print properly? If so, we may have to look into some more of the problems with coasting.


Hi @Dr.Phil, Chances are good this is a coasting issue. It’s public enemy number one at the moment, and we hope to get a fix done today. Sorry for the trouble!

The second one printed fine, actually impressively fine. Having that constant thickness definitely gives the print a much higher quality feel!


Maybe @Gabe has a reason for this coasting issue?


Impressively fine is what we like to hear. Stay on the lookout for the next couple releases. We’ll mention that coasting is fixed when we’re done with it.