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Extrusion Multipliers Based on Selected Material

Suggestion Summary: I would like to be able to save my calibration settings such as extrusion multiplier and first layer multiplier for each of the filaments I use in such a way that they auto populate when I chose the material.

Why is this useful?
Each of the different colored filaments I use have slightly different properties (even though they are from the same manufacturer). I find myself having to re adjust my live Z and other settings each time I switch. I am using the printer to prototype small parts and accuracy is important. I would love to be able to go through all my filaments and conduct full tests to hone my extrusion settings and be able to “set it and forget it”

  • Do other slicers do this?: Yes, Slic3r Prusa edition has the extrusion multiplier in the filament settings, so each filament can be different, but the first layer height or “first layer height multiplier” is a generic setting.

Keep up the great work guys!


This can be pretty important for softer/flexible materials, as I’ve always had to place the extrusion multiplier to around 110% for ninjaflex (etc).

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I definitely agree with this suggestion, it would help with multi-color prints as well as multi-material in general. It would be nice to have an extrusion multiplier set by filament type and then have an extrusion multiplier in the print that is a multiple of the preset filament extrusion multiplier (i.e. set multiplier for PETG is 88%, but when you slice it will say extrusion multiplier is 100%, with the option to increase/decrease for certain features, like perimeters or infill, so if you change it to 95% that will become 95% of the original 88%)

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Interesting idea! We’re currently thinking about the mechanics about how your slicing settings get populated. What comes from the HotEnd? What comes from the Material? What comes from the printer? A lot of the feedback we’ve gotten from folks who print with multi-material machines is that they need this too, so we’re looking at bulking out the material settings.

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I agree with the above, my materials have different modifiers, especially extrusion multiplier and print temp that i wish to save with each filament a d not a print profile.

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