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FEM based Infill optimization

Suggestion Summary

Create internal structure or density variation based on fem analysis of the model, to create stronger parts with less infill. This might seem too much to implement, BUT keep reading, it might actually be doable. In the article referenced bellow, it is stated how 2d fem analysis in 2d can be used for augmenting infillpatterns to create better strength to parts.

Using finite element analysis to influence the infill design of fused deposition modelled parts Gopsill, J.A., Shindler, J. & Hicks, B.J. Prog Addit Manuf (2018) 3: 145.

Why is this useful?

Other slicers for FDM printers does not do this, some commercially available closed source slicers for SLS might however.

Screenshots/Supporting Info

Beside the link to above article, nummerous open source project exists for FEM analysis. Herunder is an exert from the article. Picture is covered by Creative Commons, see article for correct attribution.


Infill designs generated from the predicted planar stress profiles of parts (from: [6])


I was just about to post a request for this. It is not exactly identical to yours, but rather incorporating an infill modifier based off of an FEA optimized topology, which actually is a feature that Slic3r and Cura have.
An excellent video with a complete workflow and tensile strength comparison is available from CNC Kitchen’s YouTube channel.

An optimized mesh is created:

The mesh is used as a modifier to the original geometry (in Slic3r):

Producing dense infill in load areas:


This is something we’re looking into. There are a lot of open questions here because different implementations might be more or less effective while also being more or less approachable to users. In theory, modifier meshes in Slic3r already handle this, but making them manually is obviously not possible without FEM/FEA. We’re considering when it would be best to tackle this – now or after we have some more, simpler features.


My suggestion.
Don’t paint and pin stripe the car before getting it running at peak performance!

Get Pathio going reliably with a solid, functional feature set before trying to “trick it out”.

S3D keeps trying to add “WOW” factor while still ignoring glaring problems that have been around for a number of versions.

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