Filament length

In Simplify3d at the end of the gcode file the following is placed
; Build time: 1 hour 6 minutes
; Filament length: 3973.4 mm (3.97 m)
; Plastic volume: 9557.09 mm^3 (9.56 cc)
; Plastic weight: 11.95 g (0.03 lb)
; Material cost: 0.55
Duet Wifi firmware uses this as part of of time estimates particulary the filament length
Is it possible to also get this information into pathio gcode

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Hi @percar,
Yes, we’re looking into adding that as an option for Duet Firmware so that we integrate more smoothly with it. This will probably happen when we review our support of various types of firmware to make sure we’re providing the best GCode we can to your printer.