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Filament List Column Sort

Programs that convey information in rows and columns, generally allow the user to sort by alphanumerical value, per column, with the associated rows being rearranged accordingly. This would be a very helpful feature.

Once the filament list gets populated, as the program, user-base, and vendor participation increase, this list could get unwieldy without any sort functionality. I know there is a search functionality, but i believe users may want to sort instead, in many cases.

Adding a small delta or an arrow that toggles direction to indicate ascending/descending order could prompt the user as to the current state of the column being sorted. perhaps the active row could be distinguished by color value?


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We’re actually currently looking at reworking the printer and filament configuration workflow, because they will not scale well once you have more profiles to choose from. We’ll likely be sharing the new designs for feedback once round one of the our ideas take hold :slight_smile: