Pathio Users

Filament Temp As A Function Of Layer Height

I suggest that Pathio offer a tool for modulating filament temperature based on layer height

Last night while slicing a part, I changed from 0.25mm layers to 0.10mm layers, but I failed to lower the temp accordingly. I do this often. Maybe it’s just me but…

If I add a new filament to Pathio, I’d like to be given the opportunity to specify temp for (example) 0.10mm, and 0.25mm, and have Pathio interpolate between those as a function of layer height.

I’ve lost a lot of prints, probably more than any other reason, due to forgetting to change temp when changing layer height.

If I add PLA, and say 0.10mm = 185°C, and I say 0.25mm = 215°C, then choose a layer height of 0.15, Pathio will give a temp of 195°C

No other slicers do this to my knowledge, but as you approach 0.05mm layers, the temperature difference is critical.