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First Benchy But Has Seam Issue

Ok, so the first Benchy did pretty good overall. Some very fine stringing I do not normally get.

However, it looks like I am having the same issue with the seam as others have seen. The picture of the bow.

20190307_201258 20190307_201304 20190307_201456

This is one of our top priorities at the moment - stay tuned for later updates where we will be trying to address this issue!

Do let us know any other suggestions you might have!


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The main cause of the seam is down to the nozzle not being properly primed after the retract/move. Internally we have had some success with adjusting the extra restart distance under the ‘Quality’ tab.

This might take some tuning, I would start with 1mm and adjust from there. Too much extra unretract will cause blobbing at the start of tracks so if you see that, turn it down a little.


I thought I had seen this brought up before so no problems!
I may play with the extra restart on this model just to see what it may change.
I’ll report any significant finds.

is that the reason why there is a bowden length field in the config?
i didn’t check the gcode though, but it seems like pathio have different behaviors for the direct/bowden

Currently that field only affects the dynamic default for retraction distance, if it’s direct we default it to 1mm, if it’s bowden we default it to 1.5mm.

We have ideas for the future to use this field in better ways, and maybe calculate retraction based off things like the bowden tube length and filament polymer.