Pathio Users

First impressions

Merijn here from Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Printing for quite some years on my Ultimakers and recently the Prusa I3. I would like to share my first impressions with Pathio. I printed this with ColorFabb PLA/PHA.

  • user interface seems clean, looks easy enough to work with
  • sometimes when resizing everything gets very small (W10 latest build)
  • pretty rough top surface probably because track width 0.48 with the 0.4 nozzle
  • default settings have a LOT of bottom layers (2.2mm @0.2mm)
  • the seams…
  • the travel is set at a really low speed compared to other slicer’s default settings like PrusaSlicer
  • prime tower with default settings does not stick to the bed very well
  • support infill is set very high
  • please ignore my nitpicking ;-), it’s just an impression.

Some feedback at the interface. For me it is not clear at first sight which settings belong to the group and which settings belong to the model. For example. When I click at ‘Group 1’, I can turn on ‘Generate support’. When I click on the model file, more settings appear. I also can turn on support at group level and disable it at model level or other way around. Why is this? Maybe I don’t grasp the concept yet.

I would like to see a detailed explanation when hoovering a setting, what does Pathio exactly do when I choose for that particular setting. So please give me more information/docs right below the setting in the user interface! Better too much info than that you don’t know what a setting does.
Adding on this: in the Developer section, the texts can be less verbose this way.

I managed to print with, will try some more complicated models now to see how it does. And also hope to see the results from the optimised internal structures. Really cool to see the dynamic paths in the future. And so to improve the print quality to the next level!

Hopefully the disturbing seams can get solved soon, so I can use the slicer more in production and provide more hopefully usefull feedback.

Overall my first impression with Pathio was a good one!