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First Layer Temperature

  • Stella 2
  • 051 beta2
  • PLA

Hello there!

I’m new at 3D printing and trying to figure out lots of information/config.
Today I mainly use Repetier Host/Slic3r but I’m trying to move to another slicer and Pathio looks very promising!

How do I change the first layer temperature when the “first layer” inside “Filaments Configuration” is locked?
I want to change the first layer temperature to 215C, and next to 185C. How to I configure this?

Thank You!

My guess is it isn’t a usable feature yet. Mine is locked also.

Hi @zanella,
That checkbox doesn’t do anything at the moment, so we’ve disabled it. If you want to adjust your print temperatures at a given layer, you’re best off using the layer change script, and adding in a conditional statement like so (assuming you’ve set your temperature in Pathio to 215C):

{% if state/Z == 0.4 %}
M104 S{{subtract(nozzle_temp_0, 30)}}
{% endif %}