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Fusion 360 Make part

On simplify 3d and cura I can use fusion 360 Make. Can’t do this on Pathio. This automatically opens the slicer and drops the part into it ready to slice. I notice that this doesn’t work with pathio. It opens the slicer but doesn’t drop the part into the slicer ready to be sliced like simplify 3d and cura.

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Hey Bret4!

We’ve had someone else mention this as well, and I certainly see the use for this.

We aren’t 100% sure on how we can integrate with fusion360, there isn’t anything obvious on how we can do it.

Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be looking into it further!


@danwillm I think this could be done quite easy.
Fusion360 simply calls the program with a command line argument containing a temp path to the stl. Here I have configured fusion360 to send it to sublime text. See the filelocation in the top bar.

So in short, if you can drag an drop a file to the icon of Pathio, or call it using commandline with an argument as here with sublime text:

Like posted here on stackoverflow:

It would be a nice addition to be able to drop stls to pathio icon to open them, og choose open as, when rightclicking. Same principle.

Setting Fusion 360 to use Pathio

Then It will be posible to select Pathio the same way as Cura and simplify3d by choosing 3d Print -> Output -> Print ultility: Custom.
Then chose application and locate pathio.


Ah, I understand now.

I’ll add this as a feature request.

Thanks for the explanation and do let us know if you have any other suggestions or feedback!



I’m not a programmer, or anything close to it, but here their API info.

Perhaps you could take this article (" How to find the API call to Export a 3D PDF") : and instead follow it to a different 3d format, where the export could be a temp file, and send a notice to pathio to import that temp file?


That’s great, thanks for all of the tips!

Do let us know if you have any more suggestions!