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G2 & G3 support

Suggestion Summary

Now, I know that there is some talk about implementing G2 and G3 in certain slicers (e.g. (be sure to check a paper referenced in that discussion, which offers a possible algorithm for arc detection)), but nothing ever comes from them. This is not a really essential feature, but why not?

Why is this useful?

Other slicers don’t have this feature at the moment. But it would help to greatly reduce gcode size, improve the quality of non-linear perimeters, probably help with extruder pressure evenness.

Screenshots/Supporting Info - Polyline defined NC trajectories parametrization. A compact analysis and solution focused on 3D Printing.


Hi @Soul,
Thanks for the suggestion. I know it’s not quite what you want, but we do use arcs when we print prime pillars! Stay tuned, arc support is on our radar.


Its fine, there are a lot of others features, which are both easier to implement and bring more to the table, so to speak. Just something to consider in the long run.