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GCode Post Processing Scripts

Now that I have worked out how to access scripts… Scripts Location, I have another question on scripts for the Pathio Team. I have been using an excellent post processing script on my Slic3R generated GCode to reduce/eliminate ghosting from my prints. It’s a Perl script which I currently call from the post processing script location in Slic3R (it’s in Print Settings - Output Options). The post here from the creator explains the logic:

Is it possible to call a GCode post processing script from Pathio?

Another idea is for the Pathio Team to incorporate the logic from the script directly into the Pathio code base.

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Hi Aureumlocus,

That’s a nice idea, I certainly see the reason behind it!

I’ll pop it in as a feature request!

Thanks for the feedback and do let us know if you have any more feedback or suggestions!


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Thanks Daniel. I’ll keep the ideas coming.