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GCode preview one layer at a time is awkward

LulzBot TAZ 6

Default slicing settings.

To preview one layer at a time both sliders need to be moved separately. I would prefer that when the sliders are together that moving the bottom (left) slicer up also pushed the top (right) slider up and moving the top (right) slider down would push the bottom slider down.

Alternatively, add a “+” and a “-” button that moved both sliders and maintained their relationship (i.e. if left slider is on layer 1 and the right slicer is on layer 5, the “+” button would move them to 2 and 6).


Hi b-morgan,

For the G-Code preview we are looking to implement this functionality:


Do you think that would make it easier and better to navigate?


IMHO, @b-morgan wanted a way to inspect a single layer only, like say in Slic3r, where you have a special top down view for things like that.
@Marija, can you offer some comments about the proposed functionality. For me it is not clear whether you have two versions of the same slider, or those are multiple sliders with different functionality.

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@Marija, A short explanation of each of the controls would be useful but I’ll comment based on my best guess.

For the top line, the input box on the left is number of layers to show and the input box on the right is the first or last layer number. I’m guessing there are two slide controls on that line as well.

For the bottom line, controls are two sliders and an input box on the right to control how many lines of the top layer to show.

If my guesses are correct, then this will, IMO, be easier and better to navigate.

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@b-morgan @Soul

For the top slider:

  • both input boxes on the left and right indicate the layers to show, so in the current case, it would show full model from layer 0 to layer 475

  • to view one layer the boxes would be, for example, 300 (left box) - 301 (right box)

Bottom slider has just one control for the slider. And it shows all the lines on the top level.


@Marija, From your description of the top slider, this will NOT make it easier and better (and is the same as the current implementation with the addition of input boxes). The label on the left box is “Show Layers” and there is no label on the right box. With your description of how it works, I’d expect the labels to be “Start Layer” on the left and “End Layer” on the right.

The input boxes appear to have an up/down control and you don’t mention how those controls behave, i.e. if the left box is 300 and the right box is 301, what happens when the ^ of the left control is clicked?

For an example of how I would use this feature, see this Gingerbread Man. After slicing, I need to find the layer number where the “white” details start to print. At this point, I’ll (manually) insert an M600 into the GCode output. Viewing the GCode one layer at a time makes finding this layer number very easy.

Am I being daft? Would it not be simpler to just have a layer slider like it is now, move the left and right limits to zoom in or see a range of layers and the specific code for these layers would be seen in the Gcode Preview window only?

After that you might have a “track” slider or another slider alongside the gcode window or possibly highlight the text to fine focus or redraw the visualisation/simulations further. You might also have a “video” animation play function too with pause rewind etc that highlights the gcode preview and model print process at the same time.