GCode preview Window Size

Increase the size of the window

It allows you to read it easier, and on modern large screen displays you have the space to do so.


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…and while you’re looking at UI improvements, and I do like the simplicity and uncluttered feel in Pathio by the way. If you have the GCode preview window open in macOS, when you select the printer and get the Global print settings pop up, the GCode window is still underneath and ideally it’d be nice if it closed away automatically, or at least let you click on it and close it manually, as the action area for the cursor/mouse doesn’t reveal.



Thanks for pointing this out. I’ll pass this bug along to the UI team. We’re still working on what functionality would be best for the gcode preview to make it really useful. Stay tuned for some improvements in visibility, etc that will come down the line over time.


@Gabe One thing that would be useful, if the GCode Preview text could be tied to the layer height slider, so as you move through the layers, the text for the GCode reflects the changes, and this way you can home in or navigate to some “suspect” gcode or analyse the movements/extrusions/retracts more easily. I know CraftWare has a similar live update feature, but your UI and GCode window is more readable than theirs. :slight_smile:

Another thing, maybe even a “search” field in the top right of the grey bar if I’m being really greedy, and it would highlight the “search terms” and you could tab to the next instance, bit like this


Both of those are on our wish list. There’s some technical hurdles for properly handling the rather large amount of text that is a gcode file so that we can make sure that Pathio is snappy and responsive no matter what computer you’re on. But yes, we really want to have some more of the tools that would make gcode inspection really easy.