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GDPR toggle for feedback/bug reports

Suggestion Summary

It is often a question how much information you should collect from a user.

What if the feedback button had a checkbox to send further information, you wouldn’t normally be able to gather, but that would be helpful for troubleshooting.
Maybe even possibility of adding contact details to a bug report.

Why is this useful?

This would allow you to collect all lot more information, from those willing to sacrifice a little privacy, to be of further assistance.
I refer here to the topic in support where you are talking about having enough information to fix a priority bug.

I do realize this could be a controversial suggestion.


I am not opposed to additional info being sent as long as I know what info upfront and can opt out if I choose.


Provided i can still opt out, and it is made clear what type of information we are talking about, I’d be fine with this, expressly for purpose of development.

We’re trying to be very transparent about what gets sent along, but I’ll clarify again here:

If you send a feedback report, we get:

  1. A log that says you sent the report
  2. Any text you entered into the box.
  3. It also says if it came from the arrange screen, the print preview screen, or if it came after a crash.
  4. Currently it also tells us which session (when you launch Pathio, that’s a session) it came from. So we have enough information to see that you (your email address) started a particular session, but we can’t connect you personally with any other sessions, or any other of the logs that come from running Pathio.

You also have the option of sending us your model + slicing settings. This is the equivalent of zipping up your slicing settings, printer profiles, filament profiles, and your models and sending them to us. If you check that box, we’ll be able to recreate your slicing setup and hopefully get the same errors you ran into so that we can fix them. Again, this is tied to your name + email for your account, but doesn’t let us see anything else outside of what you’ve shared with this feedback request.

Last, you have the option of asking for a reply. If you check that box, a ticket will get sent to our support system, just like it would if you sent an email to If you’ve included your slicing settings and models, we’ll get a link to download those so we can triage them.

We think that this gives you full control over sending us your information, on a case-by-case basis. Outside of the feedback process, we do collect some anonymized data about what happens in your sessions, but we don’t connect those logs with you personally unless you send us feedback. Those logs let us see how prevalent errors are, and tip us off to start looking for reproduction steps to triage them. You can see exactly what we log if you open your local logs files (you can find those with the debug menu in Pathio).

As the person who does most of the looking at our log data, I can tell you that we never connect any of those general logs with a particular person (unless it is one of us in-house. Sometimes I look up my own logs to triage a problem I’m having). We’re committed to being better than the normal “free” services at the moment that simply vacuum up your data. As of right now, we’re happy with how we’re doing, and we’re not feeling restricted by the limitations we’ve put on our logs to protect your privacy. If we identify problems with how we log (either for your privacy or things that are making it hard for us to identify and solve problems with Pathio), we’ll look into improving the process and making sure you all know what has changed.


It all sounds fine to me!

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