Giving feedback and crash reports

Hi there, i recently started using the new Pathio slicer and was happy to give my feedback,
so submitted etc. problem came when i had a failed slice, it brought up the feedback request again containing all of my previously submitted review.

Now im not sure but if i now submit the failed slice will it also contain my text again? or should i delete the text before i submit?

also, will it then remove my previous feedback?

As long as you’ve pressed submit that should come through to us!

We do also have an email you can send suggestions, feedback and bugs to -


so should i delete the text before submitting then? so that you don’t receive something that doesn’t relate.

Sure. It should have gone through fine, so deleting it shouldn’t matter. I think @Gabe can see if there is a problem, and if there is we can get it fixed.

You can always post bugs and suggestions here or send them by email if your worried it didn’t submit.

Thanks for the feedback, we really do appreciate it!